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China Business: An Overview

China Business
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Why China?

China is the most dynamic trading economy in the developing world. It has emerged as a true economic power that brings plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs and business people throughout the world. According to the Ministry of Commerce of the P.R.C., through 2015 more than 500,000 foreign companies have set up their offices in China.

A strong foreign currency control, plenty of reserve capital, and effective government stimulus measures have continued to propel China to become the largest world's largest domestic market. For businesses wishing to capitalize on this growing demand and increase their profit potential, China is a key destination. One need look no further than major car manufacturers such as GM, whose China-based operations have easily outpaced their struggling domestic operations. Looking forward, doing business in China will gain more importance as its potential continues to grow.

In addition, the central government has also introduced tariff-free and VAT-exemption imports of capital equipment for projects within the hi-tech and priority sectors such as energy, agriculture, transport, infrastructure, production of raw materials, and tertiary industries, as well as in the pillar industries. These moves are targeted to attract quality overseas investment, plus introduce new technologies and technical skill to rationalize the country's industrial structure.

China will continue to seek a means for importing the necessary resources, new technologies and key technical equipment to continue its forward progress in the future and as a result will continue to open the door for foreign investment and trade, and increase demand for foreign expertise for everything from training, to management and marketing.

Procedural Guide to Business in China

China's markets have indeed opened up and welcomed foreign businesses, but the rules and regulations can still be daunting and can often change at a moment's notice. Things are easing up, but even simple matters can still be difficult: getting licenses, hiring employees and paying taxes, among others. Even when you think you've got everything set up and ready to go, something can go wrong when agreements are put into practice.

In spite of the impressive influx of foreign expansion into China, starting a business there is not easy. You need a local lawyer and consultant to work through often complex procedural matters, the least of which involve waves of paperwork and translation assistance. Depending on whether your business proposal is allowed or not, the government will start by assessing your plan and confirm that you have enough investment capital to start your business.

Our China Business Services

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China Market Research

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