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China Sourcing Solutions

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Procurement & Product Sourcing

If you're looking for a China manufacturing and product sourcing strategy to cut costs and stay ahead of the competition we can assist you. We specialize in providing B2B services for customers interested in China sourcing, China procuring, China manufacturing, and more. We can facilitate an efficient, high volume trading opportunity that's particularly advantageous for buyers without a local office in China.

You've probably seen those big companies with the flashy websites throwing too much information at you the moment you arrive. There may also be online memberships and endless backlinking. Sometimes it's difficult to know where to begin. We represent your company directly as a China sourcing agent for the manufacturing procurement process and connects you with our pre-established local suppliers to meet your needs.

Why Use a Sourcing Company?

A sourcing company is normally an organization that offers procurement assistance; to connect the buying and selling channels. Here are a few major advantages for working with a sourcing company:

  • Sourcing companies have resources to help you source a wide range of products. They normally provide a free price quote and can locate reliable suppliers to compete for your business.
  • Compared with working directly with local manufacturers, the sourcing company possesses the necessary language skills to ensure better communication and provide critical support for supply chain management.
  • The sourcing company has strategic advantages and local support to access manufacturers to implement quality control checkpoints and ensure product integrity and timely delivery during production.
  • In normal cases, China sourcing companies add 10-20% margins as a commission. By calculating costs for time, personnel, travel, risk, increased management demands, and greater margin for error, in the long run, working with a sourcing company should increase efficiency while greatly lowering costs across the board.

Most foreign buyers who intend to do business in developing markets lack the experience and resources in regards to finding local suppliers and understanding local culture—this is particularly true within China.

China Sourcing Solutions... What We Offer

  • China sourcing for existing products
  • China sourcing for low volumes
  • Selection of China manufacturing suppliers for large volumes
  • Product development and engineering
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Process and manufacturing development in China
  • Outsourcing manufacturing management
  • Extensive and dedicated quality control
  • Logistics and shipping worldwide

Advantages of Working with Us

  • Our experience and resources. Through our vast network of trade professionals and in-depth knowledge of the local and international markets, we can help you choose the right suppliers and find buyers.
  • As a sourcing and marketing agent, we deal in multiple industries including, manufactured goods, electronics, engineering, automotive, textiles, and various other goods and services from China.
  • We also import goods from foreign companies into China, and assist Chinese trading companies identify useful sources from abroad.
  • Supervision of quality, delivery, and supplier due diligence checks are mandatory points of focus. Meeting your requirements for product quality, budget and strong supply chain management is our primary goal.

Getting Started

Please email us or submit our service request form detailing your procurement needs. We will contact you with a free quote based on the information you provided. We can then discuss next steps to start the process and have you on your way to sourcing success.

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