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Nicaragua is the largest Central American country. It is located almost directly between North and South America and is bordered by Honduras to the north and Costa Rica to the south, as well as the Atlantic and Pacific coasts to the east and west. Its geography is home to great lakes, mountain ranges and volcanoes, and boasts an abundance of natural beauty and biological resources. Many major airlines fly to Nicaragua, which is only a three hour flight from Miami and Houston.

Prepare to discover a new world that is emerging as an exciting and enticing destination and investment opportunity. The country still possesses its raw natural beauty and passion for life, but that timeless and mysterious appeal is now combined with a vibrancy that makes it Central America's emerging jewel. This is the new Nicaragua, an unspoiled paradise that is being discovered by thousands of visitors each year and embraced by adventurous investors who recognize the opportunities.

More and more people are discovering Nicaragua as the country continues to progress and benefit from increasing tourism, funding and favorable press.  It is also considered among Latin America's safest countries and best investment opportunities. Take a closer look...

Pharoah's Casino in Managua
Granada cathedral
Masaya volcano






A popular casino in the city capital of Managua


Granada possesses a rich colonial heritage


Nicaragua's first and largest national park

San Juan del Sur beach
A scenic hillside view
A picturesque valley view

San Juan del Sur


El Camino del Sur


Natural beauty

A golden beach in the popular tourist city


A hillside view from a private eco-friendly retreat


Majestic valley views; thrill rides for volcano surfers

Home on the hill
A scenic coastline
The Costa Azul river

Montecristo Beach


Montecristo Beach


Montecristo Beach

A home on the hill with tremendous ocean views


Waves crash against the black sand beach


The Costa Azul river sits in the valley below

Gran Pacifica, one of the premier resort communities along Nicaragua's Pacific coast. First breaking ground in the early 2000s, progress has been slow and steady. One of Nicaragua's only beachfront developments featuring not only world-class surf, but a fully functional golf course, the property is primed for significant growth in the future. Phase Two development has gotten underway in 2016 and will be highlighted by several new beachfront lots for future homeowners, a new condo-hotel, and community amphitheater. 2017 is shaping up to be a huge year for residents, investors, and tourists in this region of the country!

A herd of cows walking
Greenspace between beach and condos
Oceanview golf course

Gran Pacifica


Gran Pacifica


Gran Pacifica

A group of "tourists" heading out toward the beach


The circular drive leading to the Las Perlas Condos


Incredible ocean views from the golf course

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Rancho SantanaGran Pacifica

Nicaragua Logo

Looking Toward the Future...

  • Nicaragua shares the same coast and favorable climate as such popular U.S. locations as Florida and California—offering a golden paradise but without the high price.
  • Nicaragua's topography features an abundance of natural resources and scenic beauty with a landscape dotted by lush mountains and freshwater lakes.
  • There is a much lower cost of living in Nicaragua than most other countries in the world, making it even a more favorable location to plan retirement or go into business.
  • Nicaragua is benefiting from growing tourism and foreign investment, strong indicators that previous years of economic starvation and repression will give way to a prosperous future for the country and its people.
  • Nicaragua is on sale! Pacific Coast property in Nicaragua is available at a fraction of the cost of other similar locations such as its next door neighbor, Costa Rica.
  • The Nicaraguan government is committed to bringing the country back to being a model of growth and prosperity in Central America, and has committed to forging favorable relationships with the international community to ensure as much.
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We have owned property in multiple locations on Nicaragua's Pacific coast for more than ten years, and continue to visit and research new investment opportunities. The process of purchasing property is much simpler than you might think; but it's helpful to have local resources to assist. To find great real estate deals at some the world's nicest beach communities at unbelievably low prices,, be sure to visit our properties page: Nicaragua Properties

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