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Due to the perfect climate, the northeast of Brazil is the main holiday destination within Brazil and is also the area that is receiving most of the real estate investments and attention from international property investors. Another major reason why real estate in Brazil's northeast receives worldwide property investor attention, is the fact that northeastern Brazil is the closest point to Europe and the U.S. with an approximate flying time of only seven hours.

Foreigners who relocate or holiday in northeastern Brazil are finding that their money goes much further compared to other destinations, making it affordable for holiday travel or permanent residence. The northeast of Brazil is also considered a very safe region with low crime rates and the area is famous for a very relaxed and a truly tropical lifestyle.

Major tour operators are realizing the enormous tourism potential of northeastern Brazil and are quickly adding the destination to their tour itineraries. The Brazilian government is investing billions to improve the infrastructure in the northeast, and together with the massive investments in beach and golf resorts from international real estate developers, northeastern Brazil has the potential to become the most sought after tropical destination in the world.

Black sand beach in Natal
Black sand beach in Natal
Natal area park

Praia Areia Preta


Praia Areia Preta


Praza Civica

A "black sand" beach in Natal


Another view...


Civic Square: A local park in Natal

Natal area bridge
Pipa area beach
Pipa area cliffs and beach

Ponte Newton Navarro


Pipa area beach


Pipa area cliffs and beach

A bridge joining Natal's north and south zones


A beautiful beach at Baia dos Golfinhos near Pipa


Cliffs and beach at Praia das Minas near Pipa

Fortaleza city beach
Sand Dune of Cumbuco in Brazil
Red rocks of Morro Branco

Fortaleza city beach


Sand dune of Cumbuco


Red rocks of Morro Branco

Fortaleza beaches appear right alongside the city


Scenic view of a sand dune in the Fortaleza area


The famous labyrinths in the State of Ceara

Brazil Olympics logo

Looking Toward the Future...

  • Brazil is one of the four largest developing economies in the world with an annual GDP growth of approximately 6%. According to Goldman Sachs, by 2050 Brazil will be the world's 5th biggest economy.
  • Brazil's population is starting to buy property with bank financing just like the populations in all western countries; it is expected that property prices in Brazil will increase steadily well into the future.
  • There are no restrictions imposed by the government for foreigners buying property in Brazil.
  • The northeast of Brazil will benefit from massive investments along the coastline. In the next few years, billions will be invested in hotels, resorts and golf courses.

We purchased our first property in Fortaleza, Brazil in 2010 and are constantly gathering information on the real estate market. The Brazilian government welcomes foreign investment and the rights of foreign investors are protected. Property ownership is 100% freehold and secure. To learn more about opportunities available in Brazil and to view a selection of key investment properties along its popular northeast Coast, visit our section on Brazil Properties

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