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Brazil Properties

Brazil Properties

Brazil now ranks as one of the world's top economies with a GDP of more than a trillion dollars. Manufacturing industries in Brazil are thriving and the latest oil and gas discoveries, combined with the fact that Brazil is already the leading producer of ethanol in the world, have helped propel the country to energy independence. Interest rates are at an all-time low and inflation is stable. The private sector is thriving and investment is flooding in.

But with this rapid pace of development in the Brazilian economy there is a growing national housing shortage. It is estimated that there is a deficit of 8 million units, and Brazil's growing middle classes (increased by 64% in 2015) are pushing demand. Couple this with the increasing availability of mortgage products, which is opening up the market to millions of Brazilians who have previously been unable to gain access, and there becomes a remarkably strong future sales market with the potential for great capital gain.

In addition, Brazil hosted the 2014 World Cup, which had a direct, positive impact on the country's infrastructure as well as tourism streams and hospitality revenues both nationally and regionally among the 12 individual host cities. Brazil's GDP not only experienced substantial gains that year but has shown gains in the following years due to the payoff of public and private investment in facilities and infrastructure. And then there is the 2016 Olympics ...

Real estate on Brazil's northeast coast is fueled by the domestic market and foreign investment. Such popular domestic tourist cities as Natal, the state capital of Rio Grande do Norte, is famed for its beaches, sand dunes, and exceptionally clean air. The demand for short-term rentals is strong, but the supply of suitable units is tiny by comparison, with occupancy running close to 100%. Now the domestic mortgage market is opening up with locals looking to take advantage. Coastal development has been moving at an accelerated pace as the affordable northeast region becomes the larger focus for foreign and domestic investors.

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Our focus has always been on properties on Brazil's northeast coast near the country's best beaches. If you are considering purchasing real estate in Brazil in the near future, get in touch with us—you'll be glad you did. Please check out our featured Brazil properties below to learn more about our great deals available. If there was ever a good time to buy in Brazil, it is right now. It's definitely a buyer's market! Click an image below to view our featured properties.


Brazil Properties

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Brazil Properties

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