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Vinnie's World provides investment advisory services for buying international property in emerging market locations including Brazil, Bulgaria and Nicaragua; and provides opportunities for relocating and doing business in and with China. I refer to these as "key locations" or those countries where I've established a presence as an investor, in conducting business activity, and assembling a local team of industry resources.

Why These Four Countries?

For nearly ten years, I've traveled to various locations overseas exploring opportunities to invest in real estate, network for business, and discover some new holiday destinations. I'm Vinnie Apicella, creator of this site, and someone who has successfully purchased property and done business internationally. My primary focus is on emerging markets, which can offer better value and future growth for real estate than the U.S. (Brazil, Bulgaria, Nicaragua). I am also attracted to locations with open and growing markets that can present favorable options for international trade and business development (China). These are the locations I have operated in so far ...

I maintain relationships with property developers, local realtors, investment advisors, business consultants, bank managers, the hospitality industry, tour operators, and other expats living or doing business abroad. This network of internatonal resources enable me to monitor the progress of my own investments and to stay on top of current happenings in the local market. In turn, this permits me to provide reliable information and services for my clients interested in pursuing similar opportunities in these countries.

I've already taken the scouting trips, spent hours of research, agonized over the affordability, risk vs. reward, and so forth. The end result is, on paper, I've done well with my investments. I went to Nicaragua in the early 2000s and bought beachfront property while most people still worried about civil unrest that ended 20 years before; I bought a new apartment in China after the online message boards criticized and dismissed me as a joke. Now in 2016, is anyone laughing about China's place in the world and the value of investing there?

Benefit from Our Experience and Follow Our Lead for Success

I'm confident in my decisions, and that's what led to the development of Vinnie's World. My experience allows me to pass the knowledge I've gained and offer you similar investment opportunities that I've taken advantage of. Aside from offering you comparatively low priced property in international locations primed for future growth, I can help you develop or expand a business presence; coordinate a guided tour, set up for relocation; find employment; and basically walk you through the steps that I've taken to succeed in these countries.

Seeking Investment Opportunities ... A Brief Look at How it Began

Villa in Rancho Santana Nicaragua: Early in the new millenium, in the wake of the drop off, I stayed clear of the stock market and sought alternative investment options that offered greater value and growth potential than in the States. After much research, my first stop was Central America, and Nicaragua specifically. And that was what started the ball rolling. Nicaragua fit the bill for my investment goal--an emerging market with unlimited growth potential and pleasant travel location. I've since invested in several key developments along Nicaragua's Pacific coast, established solid relations with developers, and helped a number of like-minded investors follow my lead to travel and invest there. >> Nicaragua Properties

Europlaza in China's New DistrictChina was next on my list of places to see. In 2004, I made my first property purchase in a new development in Wuxi in China's JiangSu Province. In the years since, the property prices have climbed enormously along with the economy. Several visits later I've met and befriended realtors, bankers, investment advisors, travel agents, hoteliers, and restauranteurs, many of whom comprise part of my team here at Vinnie's World. A key future goal of mine is to expand our business operations in China. Based on what I've learned and my knowledgable local partners, I'm confident we can assist others interested to tap into China's thriving market to establish or expand their own operations. >> China Business

Aheloy Palace in Bulgaria Bulgaria is one among many Eastern European locations that piqued my interest. While much attention focused on popular countries like Spain, France and Italy, they were too rich for my blood and did not represent my full investment goal, save for being nice locations to visit. With many European travelers also seeking better value for their money, locations such as Bulgaria, Romania, Slovakia, and the like, are high on their list of places for holiday travel and real estate investment. I work with knowledgable local sources in Bulgaria to scope out key investment properties and are exploring everything from popular seaside resorts to raw land in remote locations suitable for development. >> Bulgaria Properties

Vitale Condos in BrazilBrazil is once again among the latest investment hot spots, having already hosted the World Cup in 2014 and just wrapping up the Olympic Games. Having visited the northeast coast, where there's been plenty of development in recent years and the local cities benefit from boosts in tourism and urban planning, we pulled the trigger on our first real estate purchase back in 2010 in the Fortaleza area. Here we are six years later, and while the country's financial and political struggles have been well documented, as things stand today, this still represents tremendous buying opportunities when you consider low entry price points and weakness of the Brazilian currency. We're well connected with quality property developers in this thriving location and can present some terrific opportunities to you. >> Brazil Properties

Our Services

International Property Sales: Brazil • Bulgaria • Nicaragua
For investors, we align ourselves with worthwhile projects designed to deliver superior value and growth potential. Visit our Properties section to learn more, find an offering that interests you, then contact us for more details and special discounts. We'll consult with you and make sure you have everything you need to make an informed and potentially rewarding investment. For developers, we can help you promote and sell your project.

Global Business: China • Nicaragua
We can bring international buyers and sellers together. we know where these opportunities exist and how to navigate through sometimes difficult terrain to make the best deal and ensure a seamless market transition. From the initial planning process, we can help establish or expand your business in your chosen industry. Additionally, we can create a strategic plan for international trade, and serve as sourcing consultant. Global Business


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