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Setup Business in China

Set Up Business in China
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Business Incorporation & Consultancy

We can help you plan your business entry into China, establish a strong business foundation and effective operation. But our work doesn't end there. Besides obtaining your business license in China, we can manage all aspects of incorporation. After set up, we provide long-term consulting services for legal matters, accounting, annual renewal, human resources, and more. Leverage our expertise and start your business in China today.

Risk Factors

If you plan to do business in China, there are several risk factors involved for the foreign entrepreneur prior to launching a business venture. Differences in culture, business practices, business etiquette and protocol are some of the areas where businesses can face challenges. Cross cultural understanding is an important tool for any international business person, company or organization to acquire when doing business abroad.

Foreign businesses tend to underestimate the challenges of market entry in China. Enticed by a government eager for foreign capital and technology, and the prospect of 1.3 billion consumers, thousands of foreign companies enter China but many do not sufficiently investigate the market situation and fail—common pitfalls involve not carefully reviewing product standards and conformity assessments; not fully understanding legal issues like protecting intellectual property rights; poor location and selection of local business partners.

Advantages of Working with Us

  • Through our strategic alliance with 5CGroup, we operate both in the U.S. as well as China with offices in Beijing, Guangzhou, Hangzhou, Shanghai, and Shenzhen. We are well equipped to assist you to set up your business in China and for Chinese companies to set up abroad.
  • Our U.S. presence allows us to provide a convenient local source for our clients from the Americas and Europe operating on the same or similar time-scale and helps minimize the risk of miscommunication or unnecessary delays that could lead to loss in cost and time.
  • Our global team includes lawyers, CPAs, and management professionals who are experts in doing business in China. We put our experience in business development, legal matters, taxation, finance, and accounting to work for you.
  • Our extensive expertise enables us to help you carefully evaluate business risks early in the process and better capitalize on the opportunities for your business. What you gain is a cost effective business start up in China, with a faster access to market.
  • We have assisted more than 60 overseas companies from countries within Europe, Asia and Central America successfully start their China operations, opening branches or representative offices in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and Hangzhou. We have also set up more than 30 Chinese companies abroad.
  • Our relation with you as a client does not stop with helping you register and incorporate the business. We also help you with perennial legal, business, trade, financial, tax and audit, accounting, and investment consultancy services to help ensure the continued growth and success of your business.

Getting Started

Please email us or submit a service request form detailing your business needs. We will contact you shortly to discuss how we can best assist you and detail next steps to start the process and have you on your way to starting or extending your business in China.

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