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Emerging Markets

Emerging Markets
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The Emerging Properties Market

Emerging Market refers to the financial market or economy of a developing nation, which is often new or has a short history and is receptive to foreign investment. Emerging markets are extremely volatile, but they offer the potential to share in the early stages of a country's economic growth. According to Forbes: Emerging market economies are outpacing developed countries in the global economic recovery and may continue to do so for some time.

Emerging markets can pose a challenge to potential investors in a number of ways, most notably, continued governmental instability and lack of reliable information. It is the savvy investor with the stomach for risk tolerance that can enter into such a situation, particularly in the earliest stages of development where favorable results are anything but guaranteed. It is important to obtain reliable, up-to-date information and advice before buying into an emerging market.

Why Emerging Markets?

  • Diversification. There are some foreign markets that will be more predictable than domestic markets. In the U.S., property prices continue to rise and at what price does one pay to enter the market? There are also ever present fears of a property bubble. In response, higher interest rates will immobilize the market and create less buying opportunity thus restricting your investment potential. To "stay at home" is to also miss out on some terrific buying opportunities in some fast growing economies abroad. A little risk tolerance can yield great rewards.
  • Mobility. The world keeps getting smaller and people now have the ability to discover faraway destinations and physically experience what they have to offer. Today's generatons are more mobile than ever before with the advent of new technologies and employmers creating the ability to travel and do business internationally, we're seeing more and more people across the board pursuing business and investment options few could have conceived of a decade ago. Traditionally more popular vacation getaways have yielded to less expensive and less crowded locations that offer they're own benefits, often at a fraction of the cost.
  • Better Opportunities. Simply put, many emerging market locations offer much cheaper alternatives to developed locations. And people are slowly catching on. They're seeking better opportunities overseas by way of visiting and investing, even relocating on a global scale. People are searching for a better way of life whether it involves lower cost of living, less taxes, cheaper real estate, pleasant climate, new business ventures, or a more relaxed pace, and they're finding it readily available overseas.

Profiting from Real Estate in Emerging Markets

The principle to successfully investing in property in emerging markets is the same as any good business—buy low, sell high, take the profit. In markets that are "emerging," they are overcoming a condition(s) that previously depressed the overall value of the property and benefiting from positive change. The key is to understand and identify what these markets are emerging from, how they stand to benefit from conditional changes, then stake your claim at an attractive price before the rest of the world takes notice and eventually pushes the value higher.

Brazil, Bulgaria, and Nicaragua are good, if highly distinguishable, examples of countries moving forward from underdeveloped markets and progressing to realize their full potential, albeit at much different paces.

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