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We are a team of experienced international investors who focus on emerging markets for business and investment. We can save you time and money. Browse our selection of real estate investments in up and coming nations like Brazil and Nicaragua; learn about tremendous business opportunities in China, the "factory of the world," and more. We've successfully done it and can help you! Follow our lead and benefit from our experience. Pack your bags ... and go here to learn more.

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One of the Best Real Estate Opportunities

Several recent reports have identified Nicaragua as one of the best real estate opportunities in the world. In fact, one expert pointed out that Nicaragua's Pacific coast is virtually identical to southern California in terms of its beaches, climate, geography and sunsets, but is still "ridiculously affordable" with an "amazingly low cost of living." One of the world's top tour companies stated in a recent report, "For clients who enjoy tropical weather and exotic surroundings, Nicaragua may be the next best, if not more authentic, alternative to travel to Costa Rica." And U.S. News & World Report proclaimed Nicaragua as one of the "world's top retirement havens!" >> Visit Nicaragua

China Business & Sourcing Solutions

Establish your business operations in China. From start up to complex legal and accounting matters, our international team will have you set up and running successfully. Sourcing and importing from China: Succeed by procuring high quality products for your business in your price range to better compete in the marketplace. Have you wanted to develop a presence in China and tap into its booming economy and bright future? We can assist you. We operate both within the States and China. Between our knowledgable local team and network of professionals, we can assist you with all of your China business needs. Contact us today to see how we can help you get started. >> China Business Services

Gran Pacifica Special Offers for 2017

2017 will see the arrival of several new additions to Gran Pacifica Resort, but none more spectacular than the newly announced Las Perlas Resort! Expected to break ground this coming February, the new condo-hotel complex will add a whole new dimension to Gran Pacifica and will raise the bar for beachfront luxury living. Gran Pacifica is growing and their newest project will definitely be a game changer! Now is your chance to get in on the "ground floor" of this incredible opportunity at pre-construction prices starting from only $99,000! >> Gran Pacifica Special Offer

  Nicaragua is quickly becoming the next Costa Rica. Savvy investors are discovering some of the greatest property deals of our lifetime! Learn more about the new Nicaragua today

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